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Sponsorship for
IEC General Meeting 2020

Participants from all over the world will get together in Stockholm in October 2020 for the IEC General Meeting. The event will bring together leading international expertise within the electrotechnical standardization – making the IEC General Meeting completely unique in its category. The aim for SEK Svensk Elstandard by hosting the event, is to support and strengthen Swedish industry’s competitiveness in the global market.

International arena for new contacts and partnerships

companies in the electrotechnical sector are expected to attend the conference in Stockholm on October 5-9, 2020.

This will create an unique international forum, in which Swedish companies can be seen and operate. The intention is that the event with its meetings, time for networking and dinners, will generate new international business opportunities, expand global standardization cooperation and encourage the sharing of knowledge with other innovative companies.

A sponsorship that makes it possible to be seen in a global context

Today, Sweden has a strong voice and plays a leading role in the international electrotechnical standardization both on a technical and a strategic level.

As the host nation, it is our mission to take the next step in that process, and we hope you will join us as a partner! Download the IEC General Meeting Sponsorship folder.

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A unique opportunity – as one of three exclusive partners to SEK Svensk Elstandard you will get the most out of your sponsorship.

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