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Sponsorship – Gold
IEC General Meeting 2020

As one of only five Gold Sponsors, you have an opportunity to establish valuable contacts in a global context.


Sponsor of the Young professionals

As a Gold Sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to connect with talented young people within the industry as sponsor of the Young professionals meetings or events.

Kvällsevenemang på Vasamuseet

Sponsorship at committee meetings

As a Gold Sponsor, you can be the exclusive sponsor of up to two technical committee meetings.


Part of the press conference

At the press conference held in connection to the IEC General Meeting in Stockholm, your company will represent Swedish business and Swedish companies.


Arrange a technical visit

By arranging a technical visit to your company, you will be able to showcase, for study purposes, innovations and interesting aspects of your business. This can give opportunities to exchange knowledge with the participants.

Part of a VIP lounge

As a Gold Sponsor, you will gain access to a VIP lounge at the Stockholm Waterfront venue, where you can host people of interest at your own meetings or for networking get-togethers.

A one year Mentor program

Two of your employees can be part of a one year mentorship, a personalized coaching program within the area/technical committee of your choice.

Campaign web page

A specific campaign web page accessible from the IEC General Meeting 2020 web page – medium package.

Give aways

The opportunity to include presentation materials and/or give aways/profile products in the welcome package.

Editorial content in SEK Aktuellt

Exposure of your company and its operations with editorial texts in the magazine “SEK Aktuellt” and at the IEC General Meeting 2020 web page.

Your logo

Your company logo visualized in all main areas during the IEC General Meeting 2020.

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Sponsorship – Diamond


A unique opportunity – as one of three exclusive partners to SEK Svensk Elstandard, you will get the most out of your sponsorship..

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